Selfless Love

Have you ever met a man so selfless it brings you to tears? The very thought of him loving you helps you overcome your fears. When he first met you he knew he couldn’t have you, but he continued to love you for years. Preparing his life for the right moment, waiting for his time. Nothing could convince him otherwise, if you’d ask him now he’d say “she knew she would be mine.” But all the while she was losing hope, failing time and time again. Forcing her abundant love on all the wrong men. And afterward they’d always say “God has a plan” but how could it be? What’s the point of letting me fail if you knew he was for me? Teasing me with his presence but the timing all wrong. Forcing us into friendship, while making our bond strong. I never should have doubted you, because you knew all along. You knew we weren’t ready to be together, but you wanted to let us know. That you really did have a plan but first we had to grow! So I trusted God and in that moment I knew. The universe had come full circle and brought me back to you! #LoversLiveHere #LoveStory

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