“Stop Calling Men Broke Because They Can’t Afford to Buy and Give You Things That You Can’t Afford Yourself”-Unknown

I like to think of myself as a realist! This statement above is one of the MAIN reasons why over half of the country is single and unhappy! Stop waiting for the “One in A Million Man.” You don’t need a man with a lot of money to be happy! You just have to make a wise decision, focus on your needs and who can give that to you. Often times men with status and wealth DO NOT have the physical time to give a woman the intangible things that she needs, in order to be happy, truly happy.

So many women miss out on great opportunities with good men or fail to be happy because of fear. The fear of not having just as much or more than the average Joe. There are great guys out there, WE JUST HAVE TO CHOOSE THEM! I was guilty of this myself, not because I wanted things, but because of what society told me about men. I was constantly worrying about the future and everything I didn’t have, instead of focusing on the moment and what I did have. But most important what I had going for myself! No one besides my mother told me growing up that, “YOU CAN DO IT FOR YOURSELF SHEA!” I looked up to her so much because she didn’t have anyone to lean on while raising my brother and I. Not a soul to borrow money from when things got tight. She gave me the strength and the motivation to want it for myself, whatever “it” was. So, I can only imagine if you didn’t grow up with your mom or dad, a mentor or a sufficient role model to help you realize your potential. What does your train of thought look like?

Well, I’M TELLING YOU NOW! Change it if it’s negative! Never depend on anyone, bet on yourself! But especially never depend on a man who treats you like an option, rich or poor! Do you hear me? You are good enough, strong enough, pretty enough and unique enough to accomplish ANYTHING!

Most of the women/power couples that we look up to today are one in a million! That means that their standards aren’t realistic for the majority of us! Some of us DON’T WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! Some of us rather enjoy the front in your early years, only to make excuses in the 40s as of why you still haven’t reached your goals. It is stifling to wait for someone to save you, and if that’s your strategy?!? Be prepared to be exploited for your beauty, your sexuality, your time and your innate womanly qualities. The fear of not having security for your future children is no excuse NOT to work hard or find your sole purpose in life. Start loving yourself more and take control of the life you were blessed with. Dating a rich/wealthy man solely for his assets is just an insurance policy to protect your broken heart if things don’t work out. I’m here to tell all the ladies to stop our ish and get it together!

STOP calling GOOD MEN BROKE because you aren’t helping the cycle. End it now by getting your own and taking the control back! Start with loving the good ones and building them up. Not every man can afford to buy you square footage and expensive things, but you can help by supporting him trying.


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