“If A Man Expects A Woman To Be An Angel In His Life, He Must First Create A Heaven For Her. Angels Do Not Live In HELL.” -Unknown

You have to try to create the environment that will harvest the type of love you want to be reciprocated in your life. You cannot complain about a woman or a partner’s respect for you if you are not treating them accordingly. Doing things like investing in them by spending quality time, communicating feelings good or bad, acts of kindness, stimulating conversation, challenging them to be their best self, consistent affection, compliments, celebrating them or just even allowing them to be who they are. If you want love and respect in return, you have to cultivate IT! Keep in mind that some may not be worthy of all you have to give, but that’s doesn’t mean you stop giving. Just be aware of who you are giving it to. Listen to your heart but be rational with your mind. Let your morals be your compass and their actions be your rubric. Evaluate and reevaluate, this your life! There is NO more time to waste on the unqualified. Love yourself by choosing a partner wisely.

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